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We travel the world in search of themost exclusive micro-lots, establishing direct relationships with producers and engaging in special roasting techniques.

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Ditta Artigianale caffetteria/Gin Bar nei suoi 2 store offre una delle più grandi collezioni di gin in Italia. Il bar propone oltre 150 gins e 12 toniche diverse, includendo il nostro signature gin, ''Peter in Florence'', creato nella Gin lab distilley di Pelago (tra le colline fiorentine)/blogs/coffee-blog/post-two

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Our menu includes both Italian classics, such as cornetto, which goes perfectly with your morning cappuccino, and international sweets, such as Carrot Cake, New York Cheesecake, or Red Velvet.

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Our brunch menu is a combination of classics like Firenze Cadillac Club Sandwich or Croque Monsieur and seasonal novelties. Our top dish this summer is Chilled Cream of Corn Soup and Roasted Chickpea Quinoa Bowl.

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Ditta Via de Neri

Open since April 2014

Our first home, our first coffee shop. From this point, from this road from this city, we started our mission. The opening of the cafeteria allowed us to talk to people, tell them everything that is hidden behind a cup of coffee. Ditta Artigianale via dei neri is the result of numerous travels around the world, assembled with the purest Italian style, we have created a café where you can feel at home and where coffee is at the center of our offer but which is surrounded by as many quality offers. we are a specialty coffee shop, which serves good food and which at sunset turns into a gin bar, a meeting point for all gin lovers.

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Via de Neri 32R - Firenze, IT

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+39 0552741541

Ditta Via dello Sprone

Open since May 2016

One of the prettiest coffee bars in Europe, this is how many famous people from the coffee world, but not only, have described this cafeteria. Ditta Artigianale via dello Sprone is our second coffee shop, in which we combined a careful and accurate design without forgetting our primary objective: making people feel at home. Ditta Artigianale via dello Sprone is a rather large area, where one can work, relax or simply enjoy some free time with friends. The coffee bar is styled according to a precise time period, closely following the style and vision of the great Florentine architect Giovanni Michelucci, who is also the architect who designed the palace housing our premises.

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Via dello Sprone 5R - Firenze, IT

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+39 0550457163

Ditta Via Giosuè Carducci

Open since July 2021

Our third coffee shop, our biggest bet. The project was born about two years ago, but due to various vicissitudes we had to wait longer, but all this waiting is rewarded by the beauty of this coffee shop. It was born inside a building. period and develops inside an old refectory of 1300. The Sant'Ambrogio cafeteria was designed by our architects Luca and Marco Baldini (studio Q-bic) and contains a modern and international style with close references to the classic Italian style. The store located in Via Carducci in the Sant'Ambrogio district is a cafeteria with a varied range of pastry and food items, and also houses our "Scuola del Caffè", where training courses can be followed. on coffee at an amateur and professional level. The peculiarities of this building end with the presence of a beautiful internal cloister where it is possible to stop and read a book and drink a good coffee surrounded by greenery and works of the 1300s, such as the well and the fountain completely renovated and brought back to life.

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Via dei Carducci 2R - Firenze, IT

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+39 055 936 7419



Riva d'Arno is the fourth café to open in Florence in the middle of Oltrarno area. The Lungarno Soderini café, is characterized by being a lively, colorful and diverse place, which draws inspiration from the coffee's lands of origin. From Mexico to India, from South America to Vietnam and Africa, it reflects today's multi-ethnic society like a mirror, inviting different cultures to coexist. What makes it unique are the intense colors of "the great urban jungle", the mural curated by Collettivo Giungla, which overlooks the café, flooding the outdoor area on the Arno, a highlight in a district that is alive at all hours of the day. There are various details inside, from the partition wall made of wood and 'canned' glass, which recalls Asian images, to the coffee machine customized for the occasion with geometric designs typical of Senegal, which echo the colors of the Ditta Artigianale logo. The bar counter, lower than usual, does not create a gap between barista and customer; it has walnut slats, used for the restyling of Ditta via dei Neri. The brass that is the protagonist of the Ditta in Via Carducci is also present, like the brass bottle rack and mirrors. A game of cross-references and returning elements.

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Via Lungarno Soderini 7R - Firenze, IT

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+39 0553874550

Piazza Ferrucci

Aperto da Marzo 2023

Questo locale vuole rappresentare il proseguimento della nostra storia d’amore con Firenze. Con il locale in Piazza Ferrucci abbiamo voluto riportare in vita un luogo che è stato per anni centro di ritrovo ed aggregazione, dandogli però una nuova veste, sia nel format che nel design. Uno spazio pensato non solo per fare colazione o prendere un caffè al volo, ma soprattutto per essere un luogo di cultura, un’oasi dove fermarsi tra isole verdi, in risposta alla necessità di tornare ad incontrarsi e a confrontarsi davanti ad una tazzina. 

La novità di “Ditta Artigianale piazza Ferrucci” riguarda la bakery, il nostro laboratorio di pasticceria e di panificazione all’avanguardia, che si pone l’obiettivo di rivoluzionare il concetto di pasticceria e forno. La bakery di Ditta Artigianale si ispira alla scuola di pasticceria francese e nordeuropea, con influenza nordamericana, dandogli un tocco italiano e fiorentino.

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Piazza Ferrucci 1R - Firenze, IT

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+39 055 771 4875