Gin bar

Our selection of Gin

Ditta Artigianale cafeteria / Gin Bar in its 2 stores offers one of the largest gin collections in Italy. The bar offers over 150 gins and 12 different tonics, including our signature gin, '' Peter in Florence '', created in the Gin lab distilley di Pelago (in the Florentine hills).

Gin lovers can savor over 1,800 possible combinations of Gin and tonic, from the most famous international brands to the small-batches of the smallest distilleries.   The menu includes a list of new gin drinks, other creations and much-loved classics.


PETER IN FLORENCE is a London Dry Gin made entirely in Tuscany thanks to the use of the first carterhead still in Italy, faithfully reproduced following the original design of 1831.

The result is an elegant mix of 14 botanicals, with particular emphasis on the Iris flower, symbol of the city of Florence since the 9th century, which has always been synonymous with elegance and purity, and juniper, a characteristic plant of the Florentine hills.